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IQ Voice (powered by Net2Phone VoiceLine) is a voice service that can replace your current telephone line from the telephone company. All you need is a high speed internet connection and you can get unlimited local and long distance calling, low international rates, and all those features you're paying a bundle to Bell for like Caller ID, Voicemail, Three-way Calling, and more. The IP analog telephone adapter that plugs directly into your home router– this includes advanced Quality of Service (QoS) features to make sure your voice service still sounds good in times of high network traffic. All you do is plug in a telephone and your internet access, then start calling! You dial as you would normally. When people call you, they just dial your new IQ Voice ( powered by Net2Phone) telephone number (or in many cases, you can keep your current phone number) and your phone rings as usual. You will be able to take advantage of a flat rate plan that includes unlimited nationwide long distance being handled by a network of datacenters throughout the United States and being carried over the most redundant network in the world, the Internet. You’ll also be able to access all of your current usage and even your voicemails via the web, so even if you’re not near your phone, you can get your messages. In addition to this, you will be able to take advantage of many other advanced features made available through the state of the art technology that IQ brings to you. Features such as the ability to take your adapter anywhere in the world, plug it into an internet connection and phone, and receive calls like you never left your home or office. You’ll also be able to get virtual phone numbers for your account using area codes in any market that IQ provides service. This enables residential users to have a local number in distant cities where friends and family live. How does VoiceLine work? VoiceLine is a VoIP service that allows your residential and small business customers to use a standard telephone and broadband Internet connection to make and receive phone calls at incredibly low rates. VoiceLine customers can choose one or more phone numbers from countries all over the world, including: Argentina El Salvador Mexico Slovenia Austria Estonia Netherlands South Africa Bahrain Finland New Zealand Spain Belgium France Nigeria Sweden Brazil Hong Kong Norway U.K. Canada Georgia Panama U.S. Chile Guatemala Peru Venezuela Colombia Israel Poland Vietnam Cyprus Japan Portugal   Denmark Lithuania Puerto Rico   Dominican Republic Malta Russia   So, for example, if your customer in Brazil has friends, family or business contacts in Portugal, they can obtain a Portugal phone number and their contacts in Portugal can call them without incurring international long distance charges. Calling Plan options: There are many calling plan options.  Please call 814-339-7701 or email for more details.  The most common plan is the $29.99 per month plan which includes: Unlimited calls to US, Canada, Puerto Rico, France (land line), Germany (land line), Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Singapore, Hong Kong, Spain (land line), UK (land line), Australia (land line) and the US Virgin Islands.
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