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We know that everyone is not able to get high speed internet or you may not need high speed internet.   IQ has been in the internet business for over 16 years, and if you are looking for reliable, safe dial-up internet and e-mail, IQ is your perfect choice. With any high speed service, you are opening yourself up to the darker side of the WWW, the companies offering it now have to offer you Firewall and antivirus software not just to protect your computer, but protect they’re service from an unprotected user.   IQ offers our dialup services to the whole US, local numbers regardless of where you are, if you have a phone line, IQ Dial-up is available to you. Plus, you can be setup and on the internet in under 10 minutes, no equipment to buy, nothing to install. Simple and perhaps more importantly, priced right for today’s economy.   We offer our unlimited dial up service for $19.95 a month/$159.60 for a year, a savings of $79.80. Also offered, is our 150 hours a month limited service, $9.95 a month/$99.50 for a year, a savings of $19.90 Internet for under $10 a month, with the reliability of IQ’s many years of experience is a deal not to be passed up. If you are interested in service, please call 814-339-7701 or email and a representative will contact you.
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