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Dial up Internet Setup Instructions for all Windows 95,98, 2000 & XP: 1. Go to Start, then Run, and type into the space: inetwiz. 2. Hit OK. 3. A box will pop us saying Setup Your Internet Connection. 4. Then make sure the dot is in the option to Connect using your phone line. 5. If your computer has never had Internet, please skip to step 8. 6. Make sure the option to Create a New Dial-Up Connection is selected, click Next. 7. Uncheck the box marked Dial using Area Code & Country Code. 8. Type in the number space the number you were given when you signed up (if you have any questions about this, please contact the office), click Next. 9. Type in the username and password (see Special Username Instructions  below) that you signed up for, click Next. 10. Type in IQ as the name of the connection, click Next. 11. On the Internet Mail Account screen, make sure the option reads Yes then click Next. 12. Please skip to 14 if your computer has never had Internet. 13. Make sure the selection is Create a new mail account then click Next. 14. Enter in your name in the Display Name box, click Next. 15. Enter in your email address in the space provided:, click Next. 16. The Incoming Server Type should read as POP3, enter as the incoming and outgoing server names, click Next. (Attention DSL customers:  enter for incoming mail server, not  Everything else remains the same ) 17. Your username will already appear in the box, type in your password, click Next. 18. Click Finish to complete the configuration of your Internet. Create a shortcut on your desktop: Win 95/98: Click on My Computer, then Dial-Up Networking, right click on the  IQ connection, choose Create Shortcut, click Yes. Win ME/2000: Click My Computer, then Control Panel, then Dial-Up Networking, right click IQ connection, choose Create Shortcut, click Yes. Win XP Home/Pro: Click Start, then Control Panel, then Network & Internet Connections, then Network Connections, right click on IQ connection, click Yes.   Set-up for Vista Only  1. Go to Start ( bottom left-hand corner of the desktop), select Control Panel, then Network and Internet, and Network and Sharing Center. 2. You will be asked to choose a connection option.  Click on Set up a dial- up connection.  Click Next. 3.  You will be asked to type in the information for IQ Networks. Type in the following information in the appropriate fields:              1.  Dial-up phone number: Enter 768-9442              2.  Username: Enter your username ( in lowercase characters)              3.  Password:  Enter your password (in lowercase characters)              4.  Connection name:  Enter IQ Networks  5.  Click Connect.  Your computer should now connect to IQ Networks.  6.  Once successfully connected, click on Browse the Internet now.  Your default browser will launch. To connect in the future, go to Start and select Connect to.  Your list of connections will show up.  Choose IQ Network and click Connect.   Create Dialup Connection in Windows 7 & 8: 1. Click the Network icon in the task bar notification area, and then click Open Network and Sharing Center. Network and Sharing Center opens. 2. In Change your network settings, click Set up a new connection or network. The Set up a new connection or network wizard opens. 3. Follow the steps in the Set up a new connection or network  wizard, entering all relevant dial-up options, and then click Create. Special Username Instructions: Customers using 768-9442, enter in just the username. Customers using any other number for Unlimited enter in Setting as your home page: Internet Explorer: Choose Tools, Internet Options, on the General Tab, under Home Page, type in, click OK. Netscape: Choose Tools, Options, under Browser Options choose General. Under Home Page, type in, click OK. Firefox: Choose Tools, Options, under General, Home Page, type in, click OK. AOL: Choose Settings, Browser Settings. An Internet Options box will pop up. On the General Tab, under Home Page, type in, click OK. To Check Your IQ Mail Online: Click the IQ Web Mail from the IQ Home Page, or type and hit enter. Type in your email address and password to access your inbox.
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